Avoid bedroom clutter with a reach-in wardrobe

Reach-in wardrobes are a cost effective solution to avoid bedroom clutter.  By using multi-level hanging rails, adjustable shelving, shoe organisers and drawers the entire space in the wardrobe is utilised.  Not only can you fit more into your existing wardrobe space but all your clothes are less creased and easier to find.

You don’t need to have a current reach-in wardrobe space in your bedroom. As long as there is sufficient floor space for a wardrobe we can build a unit within the room to house the reach-in wardrobe of your choice.


Drawers  |  Chrome oval pole  |  Double hang  |  3/4 hang  |  Full hang
Shoe racks  |  Shoe cubbies  |  Linen baskets  |  Tie racks  |  Trouser racks


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